You can cruise up to 20mph with this eBike, now $1600 off until February 26

TL;DR: Traveling has never been better than when you're cruising on an electric bike, which gives you a motorized boost as you ride. Right now, you can get the BirdBike eBike for only $699.97 with free shipping through February 26.

There are so many reasons why people are adding electric bikes to their garage: Thanks to the bike's motor feature, it's an amazing commuting option that won't leave you sweaty and exhausted, a great form of exercise, easy on the environment, and of course, in general, it's just an enjoyable activity! And while they're certainly more expensive than standard bicycles, you can definitely find an electric bike for a reasonable cost.

In fact, the best deal out there may be this price drop for BirdBike eBike. While this electric bicycle usually costs $2,299, you can get it here now for just $699.97 — free shipping included through February 26.

The BirdBike allows you to cruise up to 20mph, an astonishing speed that's as exhilarating as it is useful — just imagine how quick your commute will become with that pace! It's all thanks to the 500W motor, which gives this electric bike its power. But don't worry, you control the ultimate speed of your ride. It's easy to do thanks to the multiple mode options, handlebar throttle, and the LED display, which gives you all the bike stats you need.

Plus, you don't have to worry about that motor crashing on you. The battery life on the BirdBike is long, so you can travel for hours. In fact, it has a 50-mile range! Another concern you can drop? Security. While an electric bike this good makes for a prime target, it comes with a heavy-duty anti-theft alarm to help keep the BirdBike safe from any thieves.

Spring is the perfect time to embark on new adventures, so why not tackle them on an electric bike? Start cruising faster than ever before with the BirdBike eBike, now just $699.97 with free shipping through February 26. No coupon needed!

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