Spot a MAGA victim in the wild with this simple "debate and switch" trick (video)

It's usually easy enough to spot a MAGA cult member in the wild just by their red cap. But if there is any doubt, simply play a round of "debate and switch," the way Jimmy Kimmel did over the weekend in South Carolina. The mindless Trumpers will reveal themselves in 30 seconds flat.

The trick is simple. Just ask said MAGA victim a question about the former one-term twice-impeached president, but replace Donald Trump's name with President Biden. Any question will do. For instance, "What did you think when Joe Biden suggested that Covid could be cured by shining a bright light inside the body?"

The word "Biden" will trigger the abandoned mind of the MAGA disciple to completely shut down, and they will automatically respond with some variation of "It is very sad that Joe Biden is clearly a dementia patient."

But when they are faced with a "switch" — a faux oops moment where you tell them you made a mistake, and repeat the sentence with Trump's name instead of Biden's — the MAGA follower will suddenly nod and expertly agree, no critical thinking required. "You have MRI machines and CT machines and infrared, so it just depends the context of that."

(See the Kimmel team play and reveal several MAGA dupes in the wild in the video below, posted by BlueGeorgia.)