Florida man tries to steal a plane, but crashes into a pole instead

A Florida man accused of breaking into an airport and attempting to steal a plane had one big problem: he didn't know what the heck he was doing. So instead, he crashed into a pole.

The 43-year-old suspect, Bruce Plummer, allegedly began his misadventure by breaking into Page Field Airport late Sunday night. He then broke into a plane, but could not manage to even start it.

But the dogged gentleman didn't let his incompetence stop him, finding a second plane to break into. And bingo, he figured out how to start the second plane and was even "able to get the plane to move," according to NBC2 News. Move, that is, straight into a light pole — and fence, while he was at it.

From NBC News:

The report states that at 5:30 a.m., two maintenance workers noticed the plane off the ramp and in the grass with a broken left wing where it hit a light pole.

A tactical vest with magazines containing ammunition and an assault-style rifle was also found at the scene near the perimeter fence by airport police.

When LCSO arrived at the scene, they saw the aircraft off of the runway. The single door to the plane was open, with no one inside. …

The gun found at the scene had a serial number, was reverse searched, and was found to be registered to Plummer.

A search warrant was issued for his home on Willard Street in Fort Myers, where he was arrested.

Plummer faces many charges, including burglary, grand theft, and "possession of a bulletproof vest while committing certain offenses," according to NBC.