"It's been a struggle to wake people up" — Expert warns of Trump's authoritarian ambitions for U.S. Presidency

People are not prepared for a Trump presidency, warns Ruth Ben-Ghiat, a scholar on fascism and authoritarian leaders, and author of Strongmen: Mussolini to the Present. In a recent interview, Ben-Ghiat explained that Donald Trump has been clear about his tyrannical ambitions when he returns to the White House:

People are always in denial. They're always unprepared. And very often they think that it can't happen here. And nowadays this is difficult to comprehend because today's autocrats tell you what they're going to do.

Donald Trump, he was president, and he's saying very openly that he admires dictators, Putin, Xi Jinping, even the leader of North Korea. And authoritarianism is a system where government is arranged so that the leader has total control and can commit crimes and not pay any consequences.

And that's what he's saying that he wants for the U.S. And it's been a struggle to wake people up.

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