Project 2025's goal: Trump as President for life

Project 2025 is a fascist takeover scheme devised by the Heritage Foundation. Its 920-page manifesto reads like a a blueprint for achieving a Handmaid's Tale style theocracy, where presidential powers are limitless, environmental regulations are slashed, and civil liberties, particularly for the LGBTQ community and immigrants, are wiped out.

In her latest issue of Public Notice, Lisa Needham says Project 2025 checks all the Christian Nationalist boxes: "Banning the abortion pill nationwide? Check. Rolling back protections for LGBTQ people? Check. Deporting literally millions of undocumented immigrants? Check."

But the real horror show is the goal to keep Donald Trump in office indefinitely by abolishing the 22nd Amendment to pave the way for a president-for-life scenario.

From Public Notice:

It's not as if this is genuinely unexpected. By July 2019, Trump had "joked" at least six times about being president for life. Floating that as a possibility, as Peter Tonguette did last week over at The American Conservative, is a great opportunity to show fealty to a candidate who values loyalty over all else.

The American Conservative is a "partner" of Project 2025, along with such luminaries as Stephen Miller's America First Legal law firm (currently suing everyone over the mildest of diversity efforts) and the Claremont Institute, which gave us Christopher Rufo and Moms for Liberty.

As Media Matters notes, the reasoning in Tonguette's piece is dubious at best, but that doesn't really matter. Project 2025 doesn't rest on solid law, respect for democracy, or an understanding of history. It rests only on the notion that Trump should be allowed to exhibit raw, vicious, and unchecked power.