Listen to Sally Baby's Silver Dollars' original New Orleans funky blues

Salvatore Geloso, composer, vocalist and guitarist, is the frontman of Sally Baby's Silver Dollars, a New Orleans-based act well known and beloved in the local music scene. So beloved, in fact, that I'm surprised they haven't had a Tiny Desk already.

So, Tiny Desk, I implore you, give this a gander! Make it happen for these amazing, dedicated, independent musicians!

This number, I've Got No More Tears Left to Cry, already sounds like a standard; I had to double check the description to make sure it wasn't a cover. Sally Baby is great at making original songs sound like classics and adapting classics to sound original. He sings with inimitable soul, and depending on the song, borrows from Romani, flamenco, blues, bluegrass, folk. This track in particular offers a timeless followup in that strong tradition of R&B of the distinct New Orleans variety. You can hear the years of busking, stage and street performance in his banter, even in just a short little video. This submission was filmed appropriately, on a tiny desk, but out in the street in New Orleans. It's such a joy to watch, and such a treat to see him play with the full band. There's a full album of Sally Baby's Silver Dollars' original tracks incoming this summer!

And here's Sally Baby playing solo