Florida police rescue 5-year-old missing girl found in Florida swamp after wandering into woods (video)

A 5-year-old girl in Florida went missing on Monday after she had wandered off into the woods. But police, using thermal imaging, found her later in the evening wading in a marshy swamp.

"Hey, I think I got her in the woods," a Hillsborough County deputy flying overhead in a helicopter said to officers on the ground. "She might be able to hear her name if you call her now."

When the girl saw that help had arrived, she excitedly shot her hands up. Body cam footage then shows an officer rescuing the girl, who has autism. "Come here, sweetheart!" he says, lifting his hands as well.

"You were walking quite a bit, sweetheart!" he later says, after carrying her through the woods to a road and sitting her on the bed of a pick-up truck. (See video below, posted by Tampa Bay Times.)

The child had wandered half a mile away from where she had started, according to USA Today.