Incredible brawl on RyanAir forces an emergency landing: "Worst flight of my life" (video)

Unruly passengers caused quite the spectacle on a RyanAir flight from Edinburgh to Tenerife last week, causing the plane to make an emergency landing in Portugal. Twice. As in two separate flights on the same route, same airline, diverting after fights broke out.

Video below, posted on X by ScaryFunny but reportedly shot by a passenger named Hannah MacDonald, shows one of the brawls: three passengers in the aisle of a packed flight, screaming at the top of their lungs, lunging at and slapping each other, and even slapping other passengers who were watching and screaming from their seats.

Meanwhile, helpless flight attendants did their best to calm the hotheaded trio down, but to no avail. "They were very drunk, it was as if they were on another planet," according MacDonald, who spoke to the BBC.

Another witness, via The Independent, said it was "out of control" and the "worst flight of my life."

When the plane landed in Porto, police reportedly escorted the disruptive passengers off the plane. Let's hope they did more than that.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of bad travel behavior by disorderly passengers has sparked an online conversation about whether or not alcohol should be served on planes. But how about just banning disorderly passengers from flying, and letting everyone else enjoy their beverages in peace?