How modern crises originate from a social order built on insecurity

In this episode of the Future Now podcast (which I produce for Institute for the Future), IFTF Executive Director Marina Gorbis speaks with author, filmmaker, and activist Astra Taylor about economic insecurity and building solidarity.

They discuss Astra's new book The Age of Insecurity, which examines how insecurity is political and manufactured by capitalism, organizing and solidarity are key to building power and security for all, and there is massive pushback from elites against any programs that provide economic security for the masses.


  • "Insecurity is not just an individual phenomenon. It's personal, but it's also political."
  • "Manufactured insecurity is essential to the functioning of capitalism. You see it in things like 401Ks — that vulnerability keeps you anxiously watching your returns."
  • "Security for the masses is portrayed by elites as a threat."
  • "Democracy takes time. Elites use that against people, claiming only the leisure class can devote themselves to government."
  • "Organizing is the most powerful way to demand guarantees like basic income or assets be implemented."
  • "We need universal public pensions because the current mechanisms for security actually undermine it."
  • On student debt cancellation: "The right wing is activated against it, even though it's popular. But big money donors and the Supreme Court are against giving people that economic breathing room."

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