Stephen Colbert – corrupt Supreme Court is now "null and void"

Last night, Stephen Colbert criticized the Supreme Court's decision to delay Donald Trump's January 6 insurrection trial by agreeing to hear his immunity claim. Colbert declared February 29 to be Trump Day, "that one magical day you can do anything you want because no laws apply, evidently, according to the Supreme Court" due to the court's decision to hear Trump's immunity defense, which will cause a significant delay in the trial.

"Justice deferred is justice gutted like a fish and thrown in the river for chum," said Colbert, who declared the Supreme Court unconstitutional for their failure to deal with Trump's threat to democracy.

From Colbert's monologue:

This is not a tough call, folks. The appeals court ruled 3-0 against Trump's claim that presidents have total immunity from prosecution, rejecting his lawyer's claim that the former president could not have been prosecuted even if he ordered SEAL Team Six to assassinate a political rival, unless Trump were also impeached and convicted by the Senate. Kind of weird that SCOTUS feels the need to consider whether or not laws exist.

A quick reminder to the court: be careful how you rule on this because SEAL Team Six currently works for Joe Biden.And remember the old saying, the Chinese proverb: revenge is a dish best served old.

The Supreme Court has postponed proceedings in the trial court until arguments commence in the week of April 22, resulting in a total of 19 weeks of delays. This decision followed a unanimous ruling by an appeals court against Trump's claim of total presidential immunity from prosecution. Colbert said, "That is terrible news for democracy, but fantastic news for television. All of the plotlines will come together at once for the thrilling conclusion… of America."

No wonder only 18% of Americans have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court.