Find happiness through horror with surreal masks by Ben Finer

These spectacular grotesque masks by Ben Finer can purge our demons. 

In this video about Finer's art process, he explains that there is a long history of masks being used for the purpose of cathartic expression. He tells us that the masks he creates can help deal with negative thoughts and emotions.

Looking at these beautifully crafted masks makes me feel happy, so maybe that's a sign that they are doing their job.

From YouTube:

'I'm interested in the grotesque. I'm interested in uncomfortable thoughts, and we can be evil people. We can get our demons out behind a mask,' says Ben Finer, a surrealist mask maker from Vermont. 'I use paper and tape to create forms, as if it were clay. It's sort of a papier-mâché surrogate but a little bit faster process.'

He emphasizes that his creations are 'unfinished unless they're sitting on a human body. They have been used in films, but they are not made for comfort. People who wear the masks are miserable, uncomfortable. The masks are made for aesthetics.'

'People are frightened or disturbed, but there's a long history of masks as a form of cathartic expression. Behind a mask is a place where our negative thoughts can really be expressed, and then we can take off the mask and go back to being part of upstanding society.'"

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