First rioter to enter Capitol on Jan. 6 found guilty

Michael Sparks, 46, was the first person to jump through a shattered window at the U.S. Capitol, moments after another rioter smashed it with a riot shield taken from police. Sparks, who then chased police in the building, was found guilty on six related charged Friday including two felonies.

Sparks was the "tip of the spear" and breached the Capitol building less than a minute before senators recessed to evacuate the chamber and escape from the mob, Justice Department prosecutor Emily Allen said during the trial's closing arguments.

"The defendant was ready for a civil war. Not just ready for a civil war. He wanted it," Allen told jurors.

Defense attorney Scott Wendelsdorf conceded that Sparks is guilty of the four misdemeanor counts, including trespassing and disorderly conduct charges. But he urged the jury to acquit him of the felony charges — civil disorder and obstruction of an official proceeding.

Not much of a defense was offered: "Michael Sparks may have started the game, according to the government, but he was out of the game on the sidelines before the first quarter was over," his defense attorney told jurors. Sparks and his companion wore tactical gear, discussed getting into the building on camera, and described a plan—Mike Pence installing Trump as President by refusing to certify election results—that everyone else would soon become familiar with.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly is scheduled to sentence Sparks on July 9.