Get a glimpse of the microcosm with a pocket sized LCD Microscope

TL;DR: A Portable Handheld Pocket LCD Microscope is your key to viewing the tiniest details the world has to offer. OH! And it is yours for only $81.99 (reg. $100), which gives you a discount of 18%. Enter the world of the micro with this handy little device–you will never see the world the same again. 

Do ants wear hats? What the *** is that thing on my ceiling!? How much fur per square inch does my cat have? These, and many more important questions can finally be answered when you're rockin' this Portable Microscope.

Equipped with crystal clear 4" LCD screen, this handy tool is the perfect way to view the smallest details in the world at large. It utilizes microSD cards so you can actually capture the images you're taking in, and–to make things even better–it's PC AND Mac compliant. If only phones felt the same way as this microscope…

The Pocket LCD Microscope boasts 80x magnification properties, so you can get up close and personal with even the smallest of the details. Not to mention the stunning 2MP, 1080FHD picture quality and 8 adjustable LED lights that make your viewing subjects as vibrant as tech allows. 

With a 2,000 mAh rechargeable battery, you can take this bad boy anywhere for extended periods of viewing and research. If that wasn't enough, a carry bag and handy-dandy wrist strap are included to make this puppy as portable as possible.

See the world like never before, and take in all the breathtaking wonders of nature at the same time. An incredible tool for exploration, students, budding scientists, people who really like the finer details of life, and so much more. 

For a limited time, you can snag the Portable Handheld Pocket LCD Microscope with 4" Screen for 18% off, at only $81.99!

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