Shine some light into the darkness with this 1,300 Lumens Pocket Torch

TL;DR: For daily use or even the most daunting nightly tasks, a handy flashlight is the ultimate tool of the trade. 1,300 lumens, a power battery, and water resistance are what make this pocket torch such an imperative and necessary tool to have on-hand–always. And, it's yours for only $49.99.  

We've all been there. It's night time. You've been pushed into a pool. You're fully clothed. Your keys fall out. You now apparently live at said pool as you can't get into your house and/or car without your keys. Well…not YOU, because you never leave home without this Pocket Torch, and it doesn't care how dark or wet it is. You're gettin' those keys, baby (and hopefully revenge on the hypothetical person who pushed you in)!

Pocket Torch (it's a flashlight, US peeps) is a tool of any trade, and this one shines brighter than most. With 1,300 max lumens of light power, you can see into the shadows like never before. "Is Dracula in my closet?" Probably not, but shine this puppy on your closet and find out for yourself! 

A pre-set of 350 lumens allows for everyday use, but the max of 1,300 covers you during the darkest hours. It comes equipped with a handy LED battery level so you can clearly see when it's time to juice this bad boy up again. Speaking of charging, you can't get easier than USB, and that just so happens to be how this torch charges. 

At less than 6", it's small enough to become part of your everyday repertoire, but slick enough to slot into a utility belt–like Batman. 

For a limited time you can snap up the P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch for just $49.99!

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