Historian locked in medieval bathroom escapes using eyeliner and cotton swab

University of Cambridge art historian Krisztina Ilko lives in a medieval tower where the 16th century philosopher Erasmus once resided. The striking structure features all the architectural trappings of the time—bricks galore, massive doors, few windows. On Thursday though, she went into her restroom but the door unexpectedly locked behind her and would not open.

When Ilko realized the school's cleaning crew wouldn't arrive until Tuesday, she was overcome with anxiety.

"I was trying to remember how long a person can survive on just water and hoping that I wouldn't die there," she told the BBC News.

Fortunate, Ilko was a fan of MacGyver and took inspiration from TV's most famous fictional maker. She found an eyeliner and cotton swab and set to work picking the lock. Seven hours later, she popped it open.

"I expected to be there for five days or longer, but I made it out," Ilko said.

The lock has permanently been removed from the door.