Man escaped Texas prison with his mom — wearing her clothes

A 39-year-old man escaped a Texas prison with his mother on Sunday wearing a disguise — his mother's clothes.

Robert Yancy Jr., serving life without parole for child sex abuse, was able to walk right out of the Clemens Unit in the Greater Houston area while his mom, Leonor Priestle, was paying him a visit. All he had to do is slip on the black sweater she wore into the facility, along with a beanie, and voila, the two hopped into a white Nissan with another person and drove off into the sunset.

But after the sun rose the following morning, Yancy was captured after strangers recognized him, and his mother was later arrested.

From The Independent (via Yahoo News!):

He will now face felony escape charges, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.

The sheriff's office said they made two other arrests in connection with Yancy's escape after the Nissan's license plate was entered into a statewide plate reader system, which alerted authorities that the vehicle was spotted at about 6.09pm in Victoria County, about 110 miles west of Brazoria.

Officers then conducted a traffic stop at about 8.25pm on Sunday of a white Nissan related to the escaped inmate.

However, police only found Yancy's mother, Lenor Priestle, in the vehicle, who was arrested and charged with facilitating his escape.

Another man, Russell Williams, who is believed to be Priestle's boyfriend, was also arrested and charged with criminal intent to escape for helping Yancy, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.