Idaho inmate escapes hospital, and 3 people — including 2 cops — are shot in the process

An Idaho inmate receiving medical treatment at a Boise hospital escaped early this morning, but not before his unidentified accomplice shot two officers. His partner in crime reportedly showed up at the hospital and attacked the officers, which allowed the two gentlemen to flee in a gray sedan.

To make things worse, while trying to catch the inmate, Skylar Meade, who is serving time "for aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer," according to East Idaho News, the Boise Police Department then fired at the wrong guy. Thinking an armed man standing next to the hospital entrance was one of the suspects, an officer shot him, only to realize he was a prison employee.

Fortunately, the employee suffered only minor injuries and was conveniently already at the hospital, where he was treated.

From East Idaho News:

According to a news release from the Boise Police Department, two people are traveling in a gray four-door sedan, possibly a Honda Civic with Idaho plates, pictured above. One suspect, pictured above, is escaped IDOC inmate Skylar Meade. The other suspect is currently unidentified, but both are known to be armed and dangerous. …

Two IDOC officers were also injured. One officer, shot by the suspect, is in critical but stable condition. The second officer shot by the suspect has serious injuries that are not life-threatening.

The hospital was locked down as officers searched the area for the suspect. Meade and the shooting suspect reportedly got into the gray car and left the area just prior to Boise Police officers arriving.

Meade has been serving time in IDOC for aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer with a firearm enhancement and has prior convictions, including felony possession of a controlled substance, grand theft, and introduction of contraband into a correctional facility.

He has been incarcerated since October 2016, and his most recent sentence was set to end October 2036.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Ada County Dispatch at (208) 377-6790.

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