Man arrested after failed theft of self-driving taxi in LA

Imagine the surprise: A thief jumps into a car, ready for a quick getaway, only to realize it's smarter than he is. Vincent Maurice Jones, 33, was arrested for Attempted Grand Theft Auto after his failure to hijack a fully autonomous Waymo vehicle in Los Angeles. According to NBC News, the Los Angeles Police Department reported that Jones struggled with the taxi's controls after boarding the vehicle post-passenger drop-off.

"Jones attempted to put the vehicle in 'Drive' but could not manipulate the controls," the LAPD said in its report.

The LAPD report described how the car's online communication system allowed a Waymo representative to speak with Jones remotely, instructing him to exit the vehicle. Defying the orders, the determined gentleman remained, prompting the representative to alert the police, who subsequently arrested him.

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