No free drinks at Trump's Mar-a-Lago Super Tuesday party

Fox News observed that Mar-a-Lago's party for insolvent adjudicated rapist Donald Trump notably had a no-host bar.

Showing a sign of just how cash-strapped the Republican candidate for President is, both in his campaign and personally, the bar at Trump's Super Tuesday results party was not free. Fox News was pretty sure the party would be over early.

"Here in Mar-a-Lago again the party getting underway just about 200 people I would say here already," she concluded. "There is no open bar and there is a soda bar, a pop bar if you want to call it if you're from the midwest but we [have] no free alcohol at least tonight here in Mar-a-Lago."

"I think it's gonna be a short party," Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum replied.

"Yeah, that's not a big party," co-anchor Bret Baier agreed.

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In the old days, when Trump had stolen documents lying around, the party was on!