Public doesn't trust AI and it doesn't trust the tech sector

It's reported today that the public doesn't trust AI or the companies putting everything into it. But was public trust in this stuff high to begin with?

In the U.S., trust has dropped 15 percentage points (from 50% to 35%) over the same period. Trust in AI is low across political lines. Democrats trust in AI companies is 38%, independents are at 25% and Republicans at 24%. Tech is losing its lead as the most trusted sector. Eight years ago, technology was the leading industry in trust in 90% of the countries Edelman studies. Today, it is the most trusted in only half of countries.

There's a movie out right now that touches on this matter! Frank Herbert's son has it as "humans enslaved by armies of robots" in the Dune canon but the man himself put it like this:

"Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them."

Moreover, the problem wasn't so much machines in the likeness of the human mind but what it led to: human minds in the likeness of machines.

"The target of the Jihad was a machine-attitude as much as the machines," Leto said. "Humans had set those machines to usurp our sense of beauty, our necessary selfdom out of which we make living judgments."

Welcome to the "You are here" postcard for 2024.

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