Gardener's "shocking" new trick keeps tomatoes safe from snails

Snails, while charming, can be unwelcome guests in your garden, particularly when they're eyeing your precious tomato plants as their next meal. But before you reach for harsh chemicals like Corry's Slug and Snail Death, consider a more innovative, snail-friendly approach. One clever gardener has devised a brilliant, electric fence for snails to safeguard his tomato sanctum.

Employing a simple yet ingenious method, he surrounds his tomato planter with two lines of copper tape, each connected to a terminal of a 9V battery. This setup functions like a miniature electric fence. When an adventurous snail attempts to scale the planter, it touches the copper strips, completing an electrical circuit. This gentle deterrent convinces the snail to abandon its climb, keeping the plants safe without harm. The gardener assures viewers, "No snails were harmed while making this video, as I like snails."

This snail-proofing technique isn't just effective; it's also entertaining. The accompanying time-lapse video is as captivating as any viral animal escapade, echoing the joy of watching corgis navigate an obstacle course to get to a food dish.