Group of excited corgis try to run obstacle course for food — but instead, hilarity ensues (video)

Dogs will do just about anything for food — or at least try their darndest. Such as a group of over a dozen hilarious corgis who excitedly eyed a trough of food.

But the catch was, the food was purposely set on a table that could only be reached by running through an obstacle course to get there. And watching the way each doggo reacted — some uselessly jumping around the table of food, some cluelessly running around while sniffing the ground, others actually trying the obstacle course (but mostly flubbing up) — had me laughing out loud.

And while most of the pups were either not quite clever enough (they're still young!), not nimble enough, or just too darn excited to think straight, three of the pups did manage to take their time and figure it out. I've watched this several times now and find something new to chuckle at with each viewing. I just hope that, in the end, which we don't get to see, they were all rewarded for their efforts with a scrumptious treat. (See video below, posted by Buitengebieden.)

Note: I tried to track this video down to its original creator but couldn't find it. I did find this site, however, which has similar videos. Maybe it's from the same series.