Make your fingernails look like animal claws

An Instagrammer named Bugnails created this incredible claw-nail look, and I can't stop watching the video.

These creepy and wonderful nails look slightly bloody at their base. They would be perfect for a Halloween costume or for a daring everyday look.

I wish I had these nails, but I'm far too lazy to try and recreate them myself. Bugnails is so talented!

From Bugnails on Instagram:

"Claws. Fangs. Talons. Thorns. Raptor nails. Kitty claws. Whatever you call them, this shape slays. 🗡️

I was inspired by a recent mani post by @theestallion (I love you so much omfg 😍) done by her nail artist, @cocamichelle (beautiful, ground breaking work!) and I'm sure many of us were, because I keep seeing these everywhere! I tried to add my own spin on them by keeping them semi translucent and added some grunge at the root. Almost as if they're a part of me that's rotting. 🫠 oh, and I reeeally exaggerated the arch. I'm obsessed.

Hand sculpted with clear polygel from @saviland_official and painted with @daily_charme gel shades Old Fashioned and Black Magic."