Indulge in the world's only moose cheese — for $500 a pound

In Bjurholm, Sweden, you can experience the unique joy of moose cheese.

The Elk House is a farm located in Bjurholm, Sweden, and according to Atlas Obscura, it is the only producer of moose bheese. This delicacy is one of the priciest cheeses on earth, costing up to $500 per pound.

At the Elk House, there are three moose involved in the cheese-making process. Their names are Gullan, Haelga, and Juno.

Atlas Obscura reports that moose "lactate only from May through the end of September. Coaxing the five liters of milk from each moose per day takes a delicate hand and calm demeanor, which leads to the product's prestige and price. The Johanssons, who own the Elk House farm, make four kinds of cheese from the high-protein milk: a soft, white-mold variety similar to Camembert; a creamy blue cheese; a dried blue cheese; and feta."

You can tour The Elk House and eat at their restaurant, where they serve a raspberry and cream parfait created with moose feta cheese.

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