Save an extra 20% and easily keep track of your health each day with this smartwatch

TL;DR: You can easily keep track of your health with the Health Smart Watch with Activity Tracking and Bluetooth Calls. While it usually costs $59, it's on sale — and if you use the code ENJOY20 through March 10, you can get it for just $34.39.

Your health is so important, but staying motivated and reaching your fitness goals each day can be difficult. Luckily, with this smartwatch monitoring your body and activities, you can get the crucial health information you need to stay focused and in top shape.

While smartwatches and fitness tools can be expensive, the Health Smart Watch (which also allows you to play music and make Bluetooth calls, among other functions) is on sale now. Usually priced at $59, you can get it for just $34.39 when you use code ENJOY20 for an additional 20% savings.

The Health Smart Watch boasts eight different health apps, which can help track all kinds of important health information, including activity levels, blood oxygen, sleep time, heart rate, and stress, so you have a deeper understanding of what's happening with your body and can make better decisions. Plus, the sedentary reminder encourages you to keep moving throughout the day so you can burn calories and keep your blood pumping. 

While this device is focused on health, it also has other smartphone watch features. You can pair it with your phone thanks to Bluetooth, so you can make calls and send messages. It can also check the weather, play music, take photos, and it even acts as an alarm clock! And while function is the most important, the smartwatch doesn't sacrifice style or comfort, either. There's just so much you can do with one tiny wristband.

(Just keep in mind this smartwatch does not actually replace any medical device, and you should consult with your doctor first and foremost about your health.)

Transform how you think about your health with the Health Smart Watch with Activity Tracking, available for just $34.39 when you use the code ENJOY20 through March 10 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

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