Community attempts to use sand to stop the ocean and fails

A half-million dollar sand dune washed away three days after a Massachusetts community paid to install it.

I guess locals in Salisbury, Massachusetts, have never built a sandcastle. Their homes were threatened by changing tides and rising seas so this community of beachfront homeowners attempted to put sand back from where it had washed away. The size and power of storms in today's climate immediately washed the dune away, much like a tennis court.

In a drastic attempt to protect their beachfront homes, residents in Salisbury, Massachusetts, invested $500,000 in a sand dune to defend against encroaching tides. After being completed last week, the barrier made from 14,000 tons of sand lasted just 72 hours before it was completely washed away, according to WCVB. "We got hit with three storms—two in January, one now—at the highest astronomical tides possible," Rick Rigoli, who oversaw the dune project, told the station. Ron Guilmette, whose tennis court was destroyed in previous storms along the beach, added that he now doesn't know how much his property is worth or if he will stay in the area. He calls the situation on Salisbury Beach "catastrophic." "I don't know what the solution is," Guilmette said. Beachfront homes in the area started being damaged by strong winds and high tides after a winter storm in December 2022 removed previous protective dunes, according to WBTS-CD.

Daily Beast