Police bust factory forging Banksy artworks

Spanish police busted a ring of art forgers in Catalonia cranking out fake Banksy artworks. Apparently they sold them internationally for up to €1,500. At that low price, you'd think buyers would be suspicious. They created the works with spraypaint and stencils on cardboard. Video below.

From The Guardian:

The ring forged certificates claiming the works had been created by Banksy as part of his Dismaland project, a temporary exhibition that resembled a depressing theme park set up in 2015 in Weston-super-Mare, an English seaside town near Banksy's home city of Bristol.

The exhibition, tagged as "the UK's most disappointing new visitor attraction", featured a decrepit fairytale castle in a moat of murky water and model boats on a pool full of refugees. The works sold by the scammers were accompanied by photocopied receipts for Dismaland tickets, designed to create an impression of authenticity.