Famed psychic buys deeply creepy doll

The unpleasant child-size doll that went viral after it found its way to an Edinburgh thrift store and was posted yesterday by David Pescovitz has been purchased by a celebrity psychic, reports the BBC. A photo of the "creepy" item was first posted by the Twitter account @lucynorris1, of Lucy Norris Photographs, along with a halved but still considerable £90 price tag.

The doll was soon covered by The Edinburgh Evening News, mostly summarizing tweets…

One X user said: "That thing totally comes to life at night, doesn't it?" Another wrote: "Thanks for that – not sure I'll be sleeping tonight. Need to know *where* in Morningside so that I can give it the widest berth."

A third X user said: "Surely no one is going to have that horror in their home?", while a fourth person joked: "I saw that the other day and ran away.

… and thence to the possession of Deborah Davies, star of Unexplained: Caught on Camera, and the BBC.

"This doll will be with me under 24 hour surveillance," she told BBC Scotland News.

"I'm actually going to keep it at my home, which I normally never do. I keep all my dolls in my office."

Deborah has about 70 dolls – some costing as much as £10,000 each – but she said Annabelle would be the most special because of the feeling it gave her.

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