Find incredible deals on your dream trips with this AI-powered travel app, now $39.97

TL;DR: OneAir Premium uses AI technology to help you find incredible flight deals and jaw-dropping travel discounts worldwide. Until March 17, you can get a lifetime subscription to OneAir Premium for just $39.97 or to OneAir Elite Plan for only $79.97.

Traveling is so much fun, but nothing takes the joy out of the experience like seeing sky-high flight prices. However, there are ways around costly air travel! When you use OneAir, an AI-powered travel app, you get access to incredible flight deals and hidden fares to help bring your travel fees down.

Best of all, a subscription to OneAir is now on sale. Through March 17, you can get lifetime access to OneAir Premium (typically $290) for just $39.97, or lifetime access to OneAir Elite (typically $790) for just $79.97. No coupon needed! You won't find a better price online for this service.

Here's how it works: OneAir uses AI tech to scan flight fares across the globe, finding you the best possible price for your travel. Not only does it locate incredible flight deals, but it also gives you access to mistake fares, too, all to help you save money. You'll then get personalized alerts on both flights you've been tracking — like destinations you dream of visiting and places you need to go — as well as general special deals, thanks to this AI-powered tech.

OneAir also stands out from other discount travel programs because of its mobile app, which keeps users securely on it. You both search and book flights inside the app instead of being sent to other, less trusted third-party sites. Speaking of trust, that's exactly what you get with OneAir, too: It's accredited by International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN), so you know you're actually scoring legit deals.

If you want OneAir Premium, you'll get access to economy flight deals and can select five departure airports to track. If you upgrade to OneAir Elite, you'll see business, first, and premium class deals as well and select up to 10 departure airports — plus, you get special flight planning support.

So, whether you're plotting out business travel or personal dream trips, you'll want to use OneAir to snag the best prices possible. 

Until March 17 at 11:59PM PT, score these deals:

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