Rare LEGO piece found at Goodwill sold for $18,000

Someone donated a random bag jewelry to the Goodwill store in Du Bois, Pennsylvania and inside it was a shiny gold piece that looked a bit unusual. Turns out, it was a little Lego mask from the company's Bionicle line that just happened to be fashioned from 14-karat gold.

However, the employees didn't know it at the time and listed it on the Goodwill site for $14.95, according to People.

"We didn't know it was worth anything until people started asking if they could buy it for $1,000," Goodwill e-commerce VP Chad Smith told 6ABC. "One of a kind."

The Bionicle Golden Kanohi Hau mask sold at auction for $18,101. The money, Smith says, will go toward supporting Goodwill's mission.