Sky News' clickbait headline bizarrely links Taylor Swift with frostbite

Everything on earth cannot be about Taylor Swift.

I've read about fans who attended the Chiefs playoff game on January 13th getting frostbite, some even requiring amputations. I'm sure you've seen these stories, too. Very sad. 

But how is it that Sky News manages to feature Taylor Swift's name several times in the story? This is the most ridiculous, depressing and blatant clickbait I have ever seen. Check out the absurd and absurdist headline:

NFL fans who went to -20C game attended by Taylor Swift 'underwent amputations after suffering frostbite'

Did she have anything to do with the frostbite? Was she involved in this story in any way? Am I the only one who wants to go in a cave and seal it shut behind me?

Here's the lead before the first paragraph:

"The football fans were among dozens of people across Kansas City who had to be treated for frostbite due to an 11-day cold snap… Taylor Swift was also at the match, supporting her boyfriend — but avoided the worst of the cold." 

"Avoided the worst of the cold?" She was in a luxury box! And I think we would have heard by now if Taylor Swift HADN'T avoided frostbite. 

I know he doesn't own Sky anymore but when historians look back 500 years from now, I think they'll see Rupert Murdoch as one of the great villains of our era.

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