Tucker Carlson admits, "I'm a dick"

When explaining why he was mean to another discredited pundit, Tucker Carlson barely scratched the surface with "Because I'm a dick."

Having been recently humiliated by Vladimir Putin, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson shared an interview he did with Chris Cuomo. Carlson tells Cuomo his attacks against CNN and Cuomo were just because he's a dick, and that's who he is. Now he is relegated to licking the boots of dictators who make fun of him, and hanging out on Xitter with another fired network failout.

"Because I'm a dick, probably. Because it was easy. Because I don't like CNN and I really mean that," Carlson told Cuomo in a lengthy interview that Carlson shared on X (formerly Twitter) on Monday.

Carlson, who became known for peddling racist, misogynistic and white nationalist talking points on his prime-time Fox show, in 2021 dubbed Cuomo "the single dumbest person ever to perform on cable news."

It was one of many derogatory comments he made about Cuomo.

Carlson, who has previously confessed to lying on the air, told Cuomo he didn't know why he targeted him so much.