Discovering hidden faces in unexpected places: How pareidolia reveals your creative potential

My wife, Mrs. Luadha, has always seen faces in everyday objects and then texted me pics. Lots and lots of pics. Here's the latest: 

Turns out there's a name for this: pareidolia. And, according to UC Berkeley's Greater Good Magazine, it may be a sign of a highly creative brain

Scientists are now exploring the connection between pareidolia and creativity; several recent studies have found that creative people are more apt to see pareidolias in the world around them than are less creative people. Assessing individuals' capacity to recognize such patterns has even been proposed as a way to measure relative levels of creativity.

My wife has been claiming this for years. I should show her this article right away. Or maybe just wait a little bit — once she has science to back her up, I will never hear the end of it.