Jesus Christ appears in a Colombian tree

Residents of Magangué, Colombia recently broke the compulsory quarantine to visit Jesus Christ who was hanging out in a tree. Praise be to pareidolia. From a El Tiempo via Google Translate:

"It looks clear and everyone is praying to him and asking him to cure the land of this evil and to protect Magangué," says Agustina Díaz, a town clothing merchant, who closed her store in the center of town for the pandemic.

What worries local authorities is that the image is becoming a point of pilgrimage and worship and people are taking to the streets en masse, ignoring the health emergency in the country.

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Rug pattern looks like Pennywise

Reddit user Sneegles spotted the unpleasant clown, Pennywise, from Stephen King's It hiding in a rug pattern.

Pattern in rug looks like Pennywise from r/mildlyinteresting

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Now even clouds are vaping

Photographer unknown. (via r/mildlyinteresting) Read the rest

Bread faces

Carbo pareidolia. Read the rest

Breathtaking photos of sea monsters emerging from the waves

Rachael Talibart's breathtaking "Sirens" photo series pareidolically reveals the fantastic mythical beasts hidden in the ocean waves. From Tailbart's gallery page at the Sony World Photography Awards in which she was shortlisted:

‘Sirens’ is an ongoing portfolio of storm waves captured on the UK’s south coast. A childhood afloat and a love of maritime mythology have come together in these portraits of monstrous waves named after mythological creatures. These images are from 2017 and were captured at Newhaven, in East Sussex, but the photographs are intended to transcend time and place. Thus, in naming them, I have shamelessly plundered myths and legends from all cultures and eras. On the days I make these photographs, the sea is beautiful but also terrifying. I feel utterly insignificant, yet completely enriched by these encounters with wildness, and that is what I have tried to communicate in the photographs.

Above, "Loki." Below, "Poseidon Rising" and "Nanook."

See more: Rachael Talibart "Sirens"

(via PetaPixel)

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Pareidolia knife

What does this DeWalt knife, posted to the "midly interesting" subreddit by turltlecam_son, look like?

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Short video about Japan's museum of rocks that have faces

Japan is home to the only museum in the world that is dedicated to rocks that look like they have faces. The owner started the museum because her father was an avid collector of rocks with faces, and when he died she wanted to carry on the tradition. She finds many of the rocks herself on a nearby beach, but now people from around the world send her rocks with faces. There are about 1000 specimens in the collection.

If you’re ever in Japan, consider a trip to Chineskikan, located two hours outside Tokyo in the city of Chichibu. The peculiar museum is the only one of its kind, dedicated entirely to rocks that look like human faces. Owned and operated by Yoshiko Hayama, Chineskikan is home to some of the most spectacular stones nature has to offer, with rocks that resemble everyone from Elvis Presley to E.T. Following in her father’s footsteps, Hayama is preserving the legacy of “jinmenseki,” continuing the search for rocks that resemble human faces.

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Donald Trump found inside dog's ear

That's really earie.

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Artist Kyle Kesterson draws the faces he sees in things

I'm going to brag about my friend Kyle Kesterson for a minute. A few years back, I listened to him tell his story on stage at Dent, a fabulous retreat we both attend. I was immediately captivated by him and we soon became friends.

Without a doubt, he's one of the most incredible, soulful human beings I've ever met AND he's a true multi-creative with an endless imagination. A big win-win in my book!

Right now he's blogging about his past "30-day challenges," times in his life when he's pledged to do something consistently for a month straight.

In his latest "30-day challenge" blog post, he shares about that time when he committed to drawing one doodle a day.

He writes:

As I started to get into doodling in my late teenage years, and more specifically, intricadoodling, the world around me changed, and the sickness of Pareidolia really started to take hold.

"Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists (e.g., in random data)."

Basically, everywhere I look, I see faces and characters hidden in objects, stains, clouds, light, and the really obscure relationships among objects overlapping. They can haunt me, tease me, keep me from feeling lonely, make me laugh, and make me appreciate the power of perspective...

As I'd walk around during my day, if I saw an interesting shape, I'd just snap a pic on my phone, then sometime later that day, sit down for 10-60 minutes and bring it to life to show how I saw it.

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Jesus spotted in sonogram image along with baby

Alicia Zeek and Zac Smith of Franklin County, Pennsylvania were surprised and delighted to see Jesus looking at their baby girl in this sonogram image. From Fox43:

The expecting parents say while they aren't very religious, they see a man dressed in a robe with a crown of thorns looking on at their baby.

Zac says the image made him emotional, "when I seen it, it almost brought tears to my eyes... I was speechless, I just couldn't believe it, I really didn't believe what I was seeing."

That image is putting them at ease after Alicia experienced a number of complications with her first two children...

The couple posted the photo to Facebook asking people what they see in the sonogram. Regardless of the response, Zac says the image is a sign from above, "the angel or God or Jesus, however you want to propose it, I look at it as my blessing."

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Jesus appears in the clouds above Colombian city after catastrophe

Earlier this month, landslides in Manizales, Colombia killed 17 people and devastated the city. As emergency workers and citizens responded to the tragedy, some people reportedly noticed the clouds part and a beam of sunlight form into the figure of Jesus.

"‘Jesus’ Appears Over Landslide-Stricken Colombian City" (Mysterious Universe)

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Shadow on garage door looks like human face

The garage door is staring at me

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Deep dreaming at the supermarket

This three-minute video was run through Deep Dream, Google's neural net that generates algorithmic pareidolia in the form of weird creatures. I want glasses that do this.

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Trump as a boxing glove

The November 2016 issue of Vonk (Netherlands) has a photo of Trump that looks a lot like a boxing glove. Read the rest

Creepy ice ghost pareidolia

Let her in

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Photo of scary man turns out to be something else when rotated

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Upside down man lives in Joaquin Phoenix's forehead

The longer you look, the better the effect.

Joaquin Phoenix Forehead

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