Insightful interview with Bill Wurtz of "history of the entire world, i guess" fame

If you don't know already, Bill Wurtz is that musician/artist guy who made that history of the entire world, i guess, video back in 2017. It's cool, y'know, if you're into that sort of thing. Which you should be! It's great! Go watch that, doctor's orders!

He's also well known for his shorter songs about things like… garbage, love and the continued state of garbagedom. It's jazz, it's video art, it's optimism, it's confusion, it doesn't make any sense, it makes perfect sense, it's improvisational, it's neurotically intricate, it's impossible to recreate, it's simple, it's… Bill Wurtz. Stuff like this, well, there isn't really any other stuff like this, so, uh, incredibly stylistic work that's this singular makes me very curious about the person behind the piece. Where did they spawn from? Did the internet raise them or wolves? What do their friends think of their art?

This video answers none of these questions, but it does give a special insight into Wurtz's thought process and his character. He talks more about the specifics of the craft, why some chords are "mindblowing" and who he listens to. Watching this conversation gave me an appreciation for Wurtz's authenticity. I love seeing creators who are so single-minded and create fully realized art as a result. A fair warning, he talks like his videos, which I enjoy. Enjoy.