Look inside this rented apartment secretly rebuilt into fantasy world by eccentric artist

Step inside the apartment that artist Ron Gittins transformed into a weird and wonderful fantasy world inspired by ancient Greece and Rome. Gittins, who died in 2019, lived in the Birkenhead, England rental flat for more than thirty years but took very few visitors. This magnificent example of outsider art has now been given an official governmental designation as a building of exceptional interest.

When Gittins died at age 79, his relatives visited his home and were astonished by what was behind the doors.

From the BBC:

The Birkenhead property was put up for auction in 2022 prompting a campaign led by the Saving Ron's Place group, which includes Pulp frontman, Jarvis Cocker.

Sarah Charlesworth from Historic England said: "Ron's Place is testament to the unique artistic achievements and vision of Ron Gittins over four decades.

"The extent to which Ron's creations have inspired action from people in the local area to raise funds to purchase the building and secure the survival of his legacy demonstrates the value of this remarkable project and why it has earned its place on the National Heritage List for England."

Gittins's niece Jan Williams told CNN that "The house was an absolute tip and you couldn't even get through the door."

She commented that his "flamboyant" and "really outlandish" behavior was well-known in the town where, in costume, he reportedly pushed a shopping cart scavenging for art supplies.

"This is one of the reasons the family didn't see that much of him," she added. "His behavior was quite challenging but we still loved him and thought the world of him."

image: Historic England
image: Historic England