My father rates Disneyland's most hyped cookie: The Harbor Galley Chocolate Chip

World's number one Chocolate Chip Cookie expert speaks on the coveted Disneyland Harbor Galley chocolate chip cookie.

When I take a day at Disneyland to clear my head, I usually pay my parents in beignets from the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney to watch my dogs. My father has declared these beignets to be most like those in New Orleans and decries the bastardization for sale inside the park, shaped like the Mouse. My parents refuse any of the special, seasonal variations on beignets but will occasionally enjoy Disneyland cookies.

As a park fan, I saw the online hype about Disneyland beginning to sell Chocolate Chip Cookies out of what I remember as a McDonald's french fry shack, Harbor Galley. Situated across from the currently closed-for-refurbishment Haunted Mansion, this tiny food shed now sports a constant line of people seeking cookies. Bags of 6 or 12 hot-out-of-the-oven regular-ish-sized cookies are a fun treat in the park, but I found them unremarkable. I did, however, mention to my father that I had tried them. It wasn't as good as the big chocolate chip cookie at the Candy Palace. My father replied that he likes smaller cookies. My fate was set.

Half a league, half a league, half a league onward, waiting for cookies in a long line I had already deemed "whatever," I decided to take a photo and at least get a blog post out of it. Delivering the cookies to my father and a giant oatmeal raisin cookie from Candy Palace to my mother, I picked up my dogs. My father said this is the identical cookie dough as the Candy Palace cookie, but this confirms he prefers the smaller-sized cookies. I am apparently wrong and the cookies are the same, he is the expert. Like my mother, I prefer the oatmeal raisin and think it's the best cookie in the park.

McDonald's fries in the park were awesome. That line was worth it.