Eisner Award-winner Craig Yoe launches surreal graphic novel: WOMAN & MAN+

My friend, the Eisner Award-winning artist Craig Yoe just launched his graphic novel, WOMAN & MAN+, in collaboration with Clover Press, on Kickstarter. The book marks Yoe's long-awaited return to the medium after a successful career spanning animation, toy design, and comics history.

Yoe's passion project, over half a century in the making, originated in NYC, with pages drawn in Berlin, the Canary Islands, and the Philippines. The result is a deeply personal exploration of comics, art, and life's lunacy.

The creator's first self-drawn, 1970s comic, was a spiritually infused contribution to the underground comix movement, with the cover colored by Yoe's pal, Zap Comix's Rick Griffin! Now, over fifty years later, Yoe's second comic won't be found at a hippy headshops, but is crowd funded directly to discerning collectors. Yoe's passion for drawing comics was sidetracked for over a half a century by a career as a creative director for Jim Henson and The Muppets, Disney, Nickelodeon, and MTV. Coming back to his roots, he now dives deep into sex, horror, and drama, with a hint of humor and a whiff of hope.

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