I tried the AliExpress "NOKA" running shoe

For $16, The "NOKA" runners are actually rather comfortable and are going to see a lot of use.

A friend of mine pointed out these super cheap fake Hoka runners. Initially, I tried to order a pair, and the order confirmation system wouldn't let me. However, trying again the next day resulted in shoes arriving about 10 days later. The shoe's construction seems like it will outlast the sole. The sole is very comfortable but made of a foam that is clearly going to wear out quickly. I really like that the shoe fits my foot very nicely but has a wide toe box wherein you may wiggle your toes around!

These are not name brand trail running shoes. I have some of those and they are far stiffer, and have soles that are going to last a much longer time. A few hundred miles of walking around on fairly level cement is going to grind the foam off the bottoms of the Noka.

Noka Runners on Ali Express