Judge Engoron slaps Trump org again

Looking to stop the Trump organization from engaging in more "dirty business," Judge Engoron has granted the court-appointed monitor even more control.

Overseeing the application of Justice in the New York fraud case against Donald Trump and his cohort, New York State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron expanded the duties of the court-appointed monitor, former Federal Judge Barbara Jones, to include day-to-day operations. Perhaps this is an attempt to see what is truly going on with Trump's inability to raise funds to pay his penalties or post bond while he appeals, or it may just be in response to their continued dirty dealing.

The court-appointed monitor keeping tabs on the Trump Organization was granted more control to keep the company from engaging in "dirty business," according to court records and reports.

Former federal Judge Barbara Jones now has the right to dig into the day-to-day operations of former President Donald Trump's eponymous company, at the heart of his $464 million civil fraud judgment, after Judge Arthur Engoron signed a new ruling.

"Defendants shall provide the Monitor with information sufficient to assess the Trump Organization's internal controls, including day-to-day operations of its accounting, finance, financial disclosure, and compliance functions, including record-keeping, and financial reporting policies and procedures," the order reads.

"If necessary, the Court may enter an order requiring the Trump Organization to implement all or certain of the Monitor's recommendations."