Upgrade your business and get Microsoft Windows Server 2022 for only $39 now

TL;DR: if you need a server operating system for your company or organization, look no further than the Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard. For a limited time, get this software for just $39.

Whether an organization is a small business or a big corporation, it'll be performing at least some of its tasks online. That's why it will need a strong server operating system, one that runs essential network services and applications, can store plenty of data, and keeps operations safe and secure.

That's exactly what you get with Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard. This software regularly receives top ratings (4.9-star user reviews on average on Google!) and comes from a trusted company. For a limited time, it's on sale for an incredible price: just $39! No coupons needed.

Get access to a server operating system that makes running a business much smoother. With Windows Server 2022 Standard, it's easy to set up the network services you need for people to communicate throughout an organization, including file sharing, domain services, and more.

It also enables an organization run the major applications needed on all of its computers. Web hosting, virtual desktops, email management, and databases are just some of the many applications run by Windows Server 2022. You also have plenty of data storage with Windows Server, so you don't have to worry about crucial files being deleted or systems being overwhelmed.

Of course, most server operating systems offer those abilities. What sets Window Server 2022 apart is the emphasis on safety and privacy. There is now a multi-layer security feature, which encrypts users' connections and keeps data safe from hackers. This level of cybersecurity is a must for any business!

Another benefit? You can connect Windows Server 2022 with Azure Arc to Azure, which allows you to take advantage of Cloud-based systems as well. This gives you more flexibility and provides safety, as you'll have multiple systems in place to keep your business running even when there are tech issues.

So, whether you're picking an operating system for a new business or looking to upgrade your organization, Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Standard may be the right tool for you. Get it now for only $39!

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