This fast charger can power up to six devices at once — and it's $96 off

TL;DR: The Flash Pro Plus can actually power up to six devices at once—laptops, phones, tablets, you name it—and it does it all quickly and securely. While this charging device usually costs $319, you can get it now for just $229.99.

We all have multiple devices that require near-daily charging. Of course, it can get confusing keeping track of all those chargers, and many of them take ages to power up our laptops, phones, and tablets. Not so with this ultra-powerful charger, which was designed by Panasonic to eliminate all charging woes.

The Flash Pro Plus, which was funded on Indiegogo, can power up to six devices at once, and it does it fast. Whether you need to top off your smartphone or restart a laptop or even boost an Apple Watch, this charger comes in handy (it works on both Apple and Android!). Plus, while it usually costs $319, you can get it now for just $229.99. No coupons needed!

What makes the Flash Pro Plus so special is its power level. It can handle all kinds of different devices, and it refills them all at top speeds. In fact, its manufacturer claims it can go from 0 to 100% in a mere 70 minutes! With that level of efficiency, you never have to worry about any charging emergency.

Of course, it's easy to bring this on the go if you are worried about losing power. It's specifically designed to be sleek and lightweight, so you'll barely notice if it's in your bag.

Some other things we love about this charger:

  • The OLED display clearly displays the battery percentage for each device
  • It offers wireless charging for compatible devices
  • It's TSA-approved, so you can bring it on planes
  • The graphene battery makes for quicker charging and better battery life in general
  • There's a magnetic charging pad for Apple watches

Clearly, this is a uniquely powerful charger equipped to tackle all your devices. Never worry about charging again when you get the Flash Pro Plus 100W now for just $229.99. But make sure to hurry! This price won't last.

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