The Big Rocking Horse is an adorable roadside attraction in Gumeracha, Australia

The Big Rocking Horse [via Atlas Obscura] is an adorable roadside attraction in Gumeracha, Australia. This is said to be the world's largest rocking horse, and ws made in 1981 by Wal Wilkinson to bring attention to his toy factory.

The horse stands 60 feet tall and can be climbed by the public. I'd love to have a picnic up there!

One of my favorite things I noticed in the photos of this roadside attraction is the standard-sized rocking horse replica of the Big Rocking Horse, which is sitting in the lawn. It looks like this one can actually be used as a rocking horse. It would be pretty cool if the giant one rocked too, but I suppose that would be a safety hazard. 

The Big Rocking Horse is located at Gumeracha, in the glorious Adelaide Hills, only 40 minutes from Adelaide. So come and visit us for fun, educational value and an experience of a lifetime.

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(Image from Wikipedia)