French bulldog defeats Ryan Gosling in "I'm Just Ken" singing contest

Ryan Gosling performed "I'm Just Ken" at the Oscars a few weeks ago, and did a great job. But did he do a better job than Walter Geoffrey, the adorable French bulldog described by his human as "The King of Meltdown City living at the corner of Emotionally Unstable and Overdramatic"?

That's the question musician The Kiffness, known for "his collaborations with interesting people and animals around the world" recently posed to his TikTok audience.

The Kiffness mashed up Gosling's performance as Ken with Walter Geoffrey and asked fans, "Ken vs Dog, who did it better?" Fans were loud and clear about the winner:

"Walter is kenough"

"Walter Geoffrey for the win!"

"Walter wins!!!"

"Walter is the best singer ever!!!"

Sorry, Ken, the critics have spoken.

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