Rachel Maddow pleads with NBC News to reconsider hiring their new traitor to democracy

"Trying to use the rights and privileges of a democracy to end democracy" Rachel Maddow on Ronna McDaniels.

Like many of her colleagues, Rachel Maddow is stunned by NBC's hiring of former Trump stooge and complicit traitor Ronna Romney McDaniel. Maddow asks NBC leadership to correct the course and admit their mistake. Things have been awful silent, and NBC likely pretends they never hired her.

A day after NBC chief political analyst Chuck Todd told "Meet the Press" viewers that McDaniel "has credibility issues that she still has to deal with," hosts on the network's cable affiliate — including Rachel Maddow, Nicolle Wallace, Joy Reid, Joe Scarborough, Lawrence O'Donnell and Jen Psaki — echoed the rebuke, citing her support of Donald Trump's baseless claims of a stolen 2020 presidential election.

"NBC News is, either wittingly or unwittingly, teaching election deniers that what they can do stretches well beyond appearing on our air and interviews to peddle lies about the sanctity and integrity of our elections," Wallace said on her show Monday afternoon.

"Our democracy is in danger because of the lies that people like Ronna McDaniel have pushed on this country," Psaki said during MSNBC's 8 p.m. hour.

Washington Post