Florida man's brilliant plan to hide in a ceiling foiled by his phone ringing

In Florida, hiding from the cops in the ceiling isn't enough if you forget to mute your phone.

Polk County Sheriffs had their job made much easier by a ringing cell phone. However, do not discount the value of police work! Having misplaced my cell phone in my home many times, I can positively attest that ringing is no sure guarantee you'll find the damn thing.

In a twist of fate that seems straight out of a comedic caper, a wanted man's attempt at eluding law enforcement was foiled by his own cell phone. The Polk County Sheriff's Office in Florida encountered what could have been a challenging search, had it not been for the fugitive's ringing phone that led them directly to his unusual hiding spot.

The individual, who had been evading capture due to outstanding warrants, chose an unconventional place to hide: the ceiling of his workplace. It's unclear how long he planned to stay holed up there, but destiny—and his cell phone—had other plans. As deputies scoured the premises, the unmistakable sound of a ringing phone pierced through the silence, acting as an unwitting beacon that guided them straight to him.

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