Find out how exacting your culinary standards are with the Food Disgust Test

Do you like blue cheese? How about steak tartare? Sushi? If you've ever wanted a way to quantitatively describe how exacting you are as an eater, the Food Disgust Test, based on psychological research at the University of Zurich, will do just that. As it walks you through hypotheticals regarding the parts of an animal you'd eat, your standards for dish or silverware cleanliness, and more, you may find that your stomach is stronger than you thought—or perhaps the exact opposite.

Christina Hartmann and Michael Siegrist at the Technical University of Zurich have discovered that people's disgust concerning food can be broken into eight distinct scales. The factors that determine why people differ on the various triggers for food disgust are not well understood, but the authors hope their instrument will contribute to a greater mapping-out of individual differences in this regard.

While the result of this test may not have much practical value beyond assigning you a place on a sliding scale, comparing with my friend has nonetheless been enlightening- and distressing. This is not how I needed to know my friend Matt would eat a snail if it showed up in his salad. That's gross as hell, Matt. [Previously]