Shopper and much of shop falls into floor below after worker removes load-bearing wall

In this alarming footage, an unsuspecting shopper in Zhenjian, China, falls—along with a significant portion of the shop around her—into the floor below. The cause was reportedly a worker removing a load-bearing wall: both were reportedly unharmed in the incident. (machine translated)

On March 23, in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, a woman was shopping on the second floor of a shopping mall when the floor suddenly collapsed. The woman and her clothes were swallowed by the ground in an instant. It is reported that the accident trapped the female customer and a worker working on the building downstairs. Afterwards, firefighters arrived at the scene and rescued the two people. Both of them were fine.

I'm startled by the resemblance of this to a certain genre of science fiction where a character has to jump on the right floor tiles as part of a lethal puzzle. I wonder if there's a TVTropes article for that.

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