Don Junior: conspiracy theorist or structural engineer?

The Bridge Collapse in Baltimore was a terrible accident. Don Jr has found a conspiracy…

Initially, I thought, "This is how conspiracy theories are born," but I realized quickly this is how they are spread. Junior isn't even aware enough to have concocted this one. I also don't think speeding the video up or playing it backward will help me find the real culprit.

Rememer, Don Junior has a far better explanation for why he's sure this is a plot: "I'm stupid." He is not alone.

Before becoming a member of Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene infamously engaged with a conspiracy theory that Jewish space lasers might have been the cause of deadly wildfires in California.

On Tuesday, the Georgia Republican posted on X asking if the bridge collapse was an "intentional attack or an accident," adding that there should be a full investigation. Greene has not weighed in on the cause of the bridge collapse.

Jewish space lasers were not responsible for the wildfires, nor the Baltimore bridge collapse. But for many Americans, even maybe some in the halls of Congress, it might not seem so far-fetched.