Sasquatch spotted in Washington state was… not that

On Saturday, news spread of a Sasquatch sighted on a ridge near Grand Mound, Washington. Even the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization was called to investigate.

Two adults and a toddler were riding motorcycles in South Thurston County when they noticed a large animal running along the side of a mountain. Even though it was about a half-mile away, they reportedly had a clear view of the creature.

"It was very large and human-shaped," the witness stated in his BFRO report. "There was one color, tan/brown, moving across very rugged terrain, making a beeline for the tree line.

"It moved so fluently with little arm movement, unlike a human running. It easily was 10 feet tall for us to be able to see it from so far away."

The Chronicle ran an article about the sighting and received an email response…

"That sasquatch running was me," wrote Gunnar Morgan, a Rochester High School student and cross country athlete. "My cousin and I are adept cross country runners and live in the area and run often in that exact wilderness area (the report occurred in). The reason we appeared larger than usual is because we were running side-by-side, and we run extremely fluidly compared to most people."

To be clear, Morgan didn't really debunk the sighting. In fact, he readily admitted to being a Sasquatch himself!

(via Coast to Coast)